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We focus on digital asset innovations, bridging traditional finance to the new digital paradigm.

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FX2 Asset Management is a BVI registered fund focused on digital asset innovations. Establishing partnerships with individuals, institutions, and crypto projects to discover new frontiers of innovations. Helping them reach their full potential and guiding them to recognition and success.


The Opportunities

Innovation is the main driving force behind value creation in the digital asset industry as it becomes more integrated integrated into business processes and consumer behaviours. We are in the middle of a period of unprecedented innovation where numerous crypto-driven themes are starting to disrupt various industries.


About Us

Innovation drives long-term wealth creation and is accelerating.
The key is investing in the "right" innovation at the right time.


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Talents worldwide
Our team has decades of experience at top-tier financial firms, in addtion to unparlleled technical talent, deeply rooted in analytics.
Defi Fund
Defi Fund
We operate new-age digital management platforms that bridge our clients to the vast potentials of emerging digital markets such as Defi.
Crypto Trading
Crypto Trading
Through Orderbook, we provide individuals, institution, and crypto projects with bespoke trading solutions for digital assets.
White labeling
White labeling
We provide white labeling solutions for systems and protocols that we have carefully crafted, viable cost-effective options for our corporate clients.

Beyond a Team

We are leaders and ambassadors, having a tradition of unwavering excellence. We grow our business in a way that makes our people better.

Orderbook Trading AI

Orderbook is a proprietary trading AI that trades the cryptocurrency markets using automated algorithmic high frequency market making trading system.

The combination of an optimal quote and a dynamic order size strategy allows us to effectively control inventory risk and ensure profitability in the long term regardless of market directions and the size of spreads

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